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SP-SciencewareWilmad LabGlass – Simply the best NMR / EPR Tubes worldwide


NMR-RF-ComponentsCo-Axial Dynamics – Precision RF components for the NMR / MRI community


HIgh-Pressure-NMRDaedalus Innovations - Extreme High Pressure Systems for NMR up to and exceeding 3 kBar


Doty-Solids-NMRDoty Scientific – Solids, Liquids & MRImaging Probes and accessories


Rototec-Spintec-NMR TubesRototec -Rotors and Spinner Turbines for Solids and Liquids NMR (South Africa)


Shigemi-NMR-TubesShigemi – Susceptibility Matched NMR Tubes


TOMCO-NMR-RF-AmplifierTomco Technologies – Linear RF Power Amplifiers for NMR and MRI


TREWMAC-Impedance-RF-AnalyserTrewMac -Vector Impedance Analysers ideal for Probe Tuning and other RF applications.



Zeochem has manufactured deuterated compounds used as solvents in NMR spectroscopy. The isotopes are marketed under the brand name ZEOtope.