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NewSignNew NMR-Tubes from Rototec-Spintec with a Certificate

NMR tubes should be uniformly thick and well balanced to ensure that e.g. a 5mm tube rotates at a regular frequency of 20 Hz. Poor tube quality affects homogeneity and therefore also the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). On the other hand poorly running tubes create single-side-bands (SSB).  Our company verifies the tube quality (concentricity and camber) with high-precision equipment.

NMR-Tubes-Package NMR-Tubes  

All thin-walled ROTOTEC-SPINTEC  TUBES are delivered with a tolerance certificate. In the context of NMR tubes, "camber" refers to the straightness of the tube. If an NMR tube has poor camber, it may wobble when rotated, giving rise to spinning side bands. With modern manufacturing techniques NMR tubes can provide good spectra for routine applications.
Maintaining good camber is crucial for obtaining accurate and reliable NMR results.

Concentricity can be thought of as the degree of parallelism of the cylinders defined by the inner (I.D.) and outer surfaces (O.D.) of the nmr tube.  Concentricity is a measure of the lack of wall uniformity. Poor concentricity can cause poorer quality spectra by reducing the homogeneity of the sample and may cause spinning side bands.
Therefore, maintaining good concentricity is crucial for obtaining accurate and reliable NMR results.




Experience the world of Rototec Spintec now with the world's first NMR tubes with a certificate for concentricity and camber. The choice is yours with our economy tubes! 
Round bottom or bottom with lens.
Your decision for precision!



NewGraficYour personal annual consumption


From now on we also offer you the opportunity to receive your personal annual consumption offer, regardless of whether it is an industry or an academic institution.
You have two options for submitting an annual requirements quotation:

1. Go to the online quotation system here in the shop and select all your items. When you are finished, send us the offer with the subject “Annual consumption”. 

- If you would like to order several product groups, please use the link "Add and Save your selected items 'HERE' ". Once you have selected all products, you can finish creating the offer with “Make Quotation”.

2. Please load the form and enter your desired items in the list, select your delivery interval (quarterly, semi-annually or annually) and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

-In both cases you will receive your personal price-adjusted offer for the annual consumption for all of the listed items, deuterated solvents, NMR accessories or everything related to rotors and spinning turbines.-



    If you have any further questions, the Rototec-Spintec team will be happy to help you!


Deuterium Labeled Compounds




The Rototec-Spintec GmbH as a sales company, has been providing its customers with ZEOchem products since September 2022.

ZEOchem has manufactured deuterated compounds used as NMR solvents in NMR spectroscopy and as building blocks in active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

The isotopes are marketed under the brand name ZEOtope.

NMR Solvents:  ZEOchem offers a broad range of NMR solvents and deuterium labeled products for routine analytics and research & development. The main application is for use in NMR spectroscopy.The product range covers the daily requirements of NMR end users and research staff.  ZEOchem use general test methods in addition to proprietary test procedures specific to your applications to ensure our products meet or exceed your performance standards. 

If you need special solvents or do you want different amounts of solvents, please don`t hesitate to call us.



Susceptibility Matched Shigemi Tubes



Shigemi NMR Microtubes offer high precision and quality for NMR spectroscopy. 
Magnetic susceptibility adjusted to a variety of solvents to achieve the highest resolution with a small amount of sample. Shigemi tubes features a susceptbility are matched to the following solvents: CDCL3 CD3OD D2O DMSO-d6 
Small amounts of sample do not affect spectral resolution or spurious signals.

Suitable also for 900 MHz NMR devices.